Sports betting – Seized seven centers for data transmission

Within the framework of close cooperation relations between the staff of the Provincial Command of the Guardia di Finanza and the police headquarters in Udine, was conducted on a large operation throughout the province to combat the phenomenon of illegal betting.

The activity of collecting bets, often in favor of well known companies of foreign bookmakers, if exercised in the national territory, must observe three distinct types of obligations relating to: – the license issued by the Police in relation to the needs of public safety is subjective (in relation to the moral requirements of the applicant) that objective type ( for example, the relevant security of the premises where the activity takes place ), – in compliance with anti-money laundering: considering the high danger of the activity of collecting bets relation to the risk of infiltration of criminal organizations, the national legislation (Legislative Decree no. 231/ 07 ) provides for specific obligations to the holders of betting shops is related to the identification of customers that the forwarding of the cd.

reporting suspected – compliance with fiscal obligations: for whom the pursuit of gaming / betting is subject to payment of the Agency Monopoly related taxes on wagers. The collaboration between the staff of the two police forces, and intelligence activities carried out by the investigators helped to identify in the province of Udine ( all contractually operating with two different bookmakers foreign companies both headquartered in Malta), seven centers of data transmission of sports bets that operated in the most partial non-observance of the above provisions issued, as mentioned, to the protection of public safety, for the prevention of money laundering and on the regular fulfillment of tax obligations on the part of those who exercise business activities in the territory of the National.

The operational activity was preliminarily planned coordination of the Prosecutor’s Office of Udine by the formation of a task force composed of staff of the Financial Police and the State Police.

Racing games and now are virtual: also become pure gambling bets

A few days ago SNAI, Lottomatica and have launched virtual games: fake horse racing, dogs, cars, bikes, ball on which you can bet both online and in the agency, but without any skill. A business 4 billion a year. Fiasco: ” The Treasury will collect only 2 per thousand”

MILAN – From December 17, you can bet on horse racing, dogs, cars, bikes, tennis and football games virtual, that is fake, processed by a computer. This is the new frontier of betting in Italy. For now started SNAI and Lottomatica, both on their websites and in agencies around the country. When all the concessionaires of gambling launch betting on virtual sports, the business will be around 4 billion Euros per year.

And the state will settle for a mess of pottage. ” The Inland Revenue will collect the 2 per thousand “, said Maurizio Fiasco, a sociologist and consultant to the National Advisory wear.Deleted the rule which penalized the municipalities “no slots ”

Slot, FeDeSerD: “From the Senate short-sighted, you give resources to care ”
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Gtech Italy: today 400 000 slots in less than in 2003

But it is not just a question of money. “With the virtual sporting events multiply the opportunities for game – adds – economist. And this for the industry is vital: it feeds only creating a dependence of mass. Needs million games per stand. the bank wins when there are so many plays, repeated over time”.

As required by the provisions of the State Monopoly, you can point to the virtual betting from 8 to 24 every day and the events will have an average frequency of five minutes. You can play a EUR 10 thousand. ” When we talk about gambling we associate each digit in the time – ends – Maurizio Fiasco. Ie how much time is subtracted from other human activities. Only then can you understand the damage that is causing the industry of gambling “.

With betting on sporting events virtual fails even any player’s skills: ” When I was racing jockeys and horses had to study me – says Franco, Hippodrome Milan – goer. Now all this disappears, there is no longer even the illusion of being able to win thanks to their skills. ‘s like playing the slot machine. there’s no skill. ”